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SS Level Threading Die Is Going To Replace CS Dies

SS Level Threading Die Is Going To Replace CS Dies

Issue Time:2020/05/15
SS Level Threading Die Is Going To Replace CS Dies
To further improve threading performance of CS level dies, we updated the material from Alloy 9Cr2 to reinforced Alloy 9CrSi. You can expect consistent quality and longer life from this new Alloy. The dies with new alloy will be marked as SS.

At the same time, SS will maintain the same quotations as former CS dies. 

This update will apply to our brands Hongli and C Cutting, takes effect since May, 2020.

Hongli Pipe Machinery, we major in the designing and manufacturing of pipe machinery and tools with 34 years experience. In the line of pipe threading, pipe cutting, pipe grooving, our products are occupying 40% of the domestic market, under brand-Tiger King. 

Actually, we are one of the few factories that can independently develop the Dies Project. We have 3 grades dies for customer to choose. There are SS,HS,HSS.

As the quick wear parts, dies directly affects the use of pipe threading machine. In order to save costs for customers, we developed HS dies, which is the first one in China.

From the test, our dies are as good as Ridgid,Rex, but with so reasonable price.

In future, we will continue to improve the professional dis equipment and process technology, to provide the World-class pipe threading dies. Details, please check our new brand: CCutting.

We are ready, and you?