Cutting Wheel
By choosing the special high quality raw steel , Highly durable, safe in application and extremely resilient – a tool can only meet such demands if the components are perfectly hardened. C·Cutting cutter wheels can be made thinner and can therefore cut pipe more easily and leave less burr. Easy pressure control for optimum force transmission onto the pipe.

C·Cutting pioneered in the development of cutting wheels suitable for different kinds of pipe material such as steel, cast iron, ductile iron, black iron, stainless steel, widely used in applications of oil, gas, electricity, field operation etc.
  • Optimal cutting geometry design to suit cold squeezing cutting
  • Special tool alloy specifically for cold cutting
  • Professional heat treatment to ensure hardness and wear resistance
  • Neat and anti-rust surface finishing
  • Eco-friendly, no spark and dust in operation
Product Lines
Cutter wheel for Manual Cutter
Cutter wheel for Electric Cutter
Cutter for Threading Machine