Do you have the complains the new threading dies use few times get broken?
But the sometimes you are under urgent working ,lose time and labor?
Use C·Cutting Dies
You won’t get this problem
32 years of experience in manufacturing threading machines, we do understand of how important of the dies. In year 2008, we set up a specific production line to make our own dies. By choosing the right alloy or HSS material, C·Cutting dies are based on solid foundation for further precision process and heat treating. Also, because of the high quality, certified material, the dies can be heat-treated for the perfect balance between hardness and toughness to resist heavy duty working.
Pipe Threading Dies
An important cornerstone for the quality of C·Cutting tools is laid in our own heat treatment workshop. Highly durable, safe in application and extremely resilient – a tool can only meet such demands if the components are perfectly hardened.
The special heat treatment leads to an ideal combination of solidity and robustness and to an especially long durability, as, for example for threading dies, cutter wheels .
C.cutting pioneered the development of threading dies for various types which is suitable for different kinds of pipe and tubing ,like carbon steel, stainless steel,black steel.
In order to service the customers all over the world ,we provide different type dies to North America, European countries, Asian countries, Russia, ect. For various threads standards and tool types, the diversity of C.cutting products line can provide the most suitable option.
  • For the portable threader and stational threading machine
  • Different material of dies ,CS,HS,HSS
  • Dies can be a replacement to RIDDGID type or REX type ASADA type.ROTHENBERGER type.Use on carbon steel (CS), stainless steel,black steel (HS,HSS)
Product Lines
RX Type
RD Type
RT Type