Established in 1986
HONGLI PIPE MACHINERY, a pipeline machinery manufacturer.Is with more than 30 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing pipe threading and pipe cutting tools. C·Cutting, the brand of Hongli, is specialized in steel pipe cutting machines and tools.
Development History
HONGLI make innovation to provide you much more professional products and services ever since we founded
    • In 1988
      Hangzhou Huaxing Machinery factory was founded, successfully R&D the first pipe threading machine.
    • In 1995
      Established Hangzhou Huaxing Machinery Co. Ltd.
    • In 1997
      Successfully R&D China’s first handheld SQ30 pipe threader.
    • In 1998
      Model 50/ 80/100 pipe threading machines got CE, GS certification by Germany Rhine.
    • In 2003
      Established Hangzhou Hongli Pipe Machinery Co. Ltd.
    • In 2006
      Successfully R&D the first pipe cutting machine.
    • In 2007
      Successfully R&D in succession high efficient pipe threading machine SQ50D, SQ50E, SQ50F, SQ80C1, SQ100F.
    • In 2009
      Model30/50/100 pipe threading machine got the CSA certification.
    • In 2010
      Became the National high-tech enterprises.
    • In 2011
      SQ30-2B portable pipe threaderwas included in the National Torch Program.
    • In 2012
      Developed high-end threading die which was service in the field of oil pipelines, the only domestic manufacturer to get involved in this field.
    • In 2013
      Established sales company - Hangzhou Guanba Machinery Import &Export Co.,Ltd.
    • In 2014
      Successfully R&D the pipe hole cutter with big power, used in Subway Fire Engineering.
    • In 2015
      Successfully R&D the portable fire pipe hole cutter.
    • In 2016
      Successfully R&D the large caliber explosion-proof pipe cutter.
    • In 2018
      Successfully R&D manual pipe cutter from 1 inch to 2 1/2 inch
    • In 2019
      Hangzhou Guanba Machinery Import & Export Co.,Ltd change its name to Hangzhou Tiger King Pipe Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd
Why Choose C • Cutting?
    • Millions of C • Cutting tools work all over the world every day in plants, on construction sites and in countless harsh environments.
    • We are committed to make C • Cutting to be the synonymous with quality and endurance.
    • We are committed to make C • Cutting to be the synonymous with quality and endurance.
Professional Equipment
We know that better thread cutting results from better cutting tools. The motor is the heart of the machine and the dies are the teeth of the machine. We pursue what you pursue.

Therefore, C • Cutting has been exploring the improvement of dental dies:
We improve the material of dental dies
Strengthen the processing technology
Introduce testing equipment
Control every working procedure.
A Variety of Threading Machine
C • Cutting pipe threading machine included pipe threader and stational threading machine from 1/8 inch to 4 inch.

We have REX type and RIDGID type to suitable for different market.

You could find ideal tools meeting your need whether you are a professional or a freshman.
Safe Pipe Cutting Machine
C • Cutting pipe cutting machines are cold cutting.

No sparks and dust when cutting, especially suitable for oil pipelines. It’s safety and environmental protection.

The standard blade is made of reinforced alloy. After our research, we choose to use professional 15 degree blade for cold cutting.
Customized Service
C • Cutting PIPE MACHINERY is a manufacturer with professional R & D team and flexible production lines capable of making customized production and services.

QC team often contacts with end-users to collect feedback of C • Cutting tools and also provide technical guidance and usage support.
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For renting, selling or self-usage, HONGLI can provide kinds of Pipe threading machine. Pipe cutting machine and hole cutting machine for you. 
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